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General Services


During psychotherapy, you learn about your condition and moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. This includes an assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plan to help reach goals and objectives.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy works by targeting both the individual and the romantic bond, resolving conflict, and eliminating unhealthy patterns with the goal of improving communication between partners and strengthening their connection. This service includes a collaborative treatment plan to help problem solve and create a better relationship with your partner.

Life Coaching

Life coaching helps to counsel and encourage you through personal or career challenges. With goals and objectives in mind we will work to attain greater life fulfillment; improving relationships, careers, and day-to day lives.

Team Building

Teams are made up of individuals from various backgrounds. Personality-based, activity-based, skills-based, and problem solving-based team building will be customized and designed to increase the extent to which a group functions as an organized, coherent whole; while getting to know each other and building friendships. This service includes assessing the current level of group development, clarifying,and prioritizing goals.

Group Therapy

Targeting specific problems in your life (i.e. Grief, Trauma, Depression, etc.)  does not have to be accomplished alone. Group therapy helps you to find your voice, relate to others and yourself in healthier ways, and helps you to realize you are not alone.


Workshops are introduced to companies and businesses that want to better tend to the needs of their employees while also highlighting the knowledge and skills they want for their employees to have. Workshops can be customized to reiterate values, policies, and skills necessary for completing the job. However, this service can also be used to introduce new skills to increase productivity and performance. 




30min Session                     $90

45 min Session                    $120

1hr Session                           $150

Psychiatric Assessment   $200

Group Therapy                    $50

Insurance Accepted:

Aetna, Cigna, Optum. Carelon, Molina. Medicaid (FFS), Medicare

30min Session                     $70

45 min Session                    $90

1hr Session                           $110


Life Coaching

Other Services

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Housing Letter    $99



30min Session                     $150

45 min Session                    $195

1hr Session                           $250

Insurance Accepted:

Aetna, Cigna, Optum. Molina. Medicaid (FFS), Medicare

Team Building

Pricing Varies

Starting at                $45 pp

Training/ Workshops

Pricing Varies

Starting at                $45 pp

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