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Business Services

I'll Meet You There LLC helps businesses to navigate their paths through training, workshops, organizational development, and consulting.

Training & Workshops

Customized training for leadership, managers, and staff members to meet performance and efficiency goals. 

Training & Workshop Programs:



Conflict Resolution

Customer Service


Emotional intelligence


Personal Development

Sexual Harassment

Stress Management

Time Management 

More programs are available. Please inquire below.


Organizational Development

Customized analysis and advice on a variety of management issues, such as change management, corporate performance, and efficiency. 

Performance Gaps

Attain desired performance by highlighting areas of potential growth and bridging company expectations with actual performance

Developmental Solutions

Learn how to proactively engage in promoting organizational improvements and overall process effectiveness.

Employee Engagement 

Receive guidance on how to inspire employees to feel appreciated and valued at your company. Ensure your employees are as committed to your company's goals as your are.

Leadership & Culture

Get help addressing behaviors, mindsets, and decision-making of senior leadership. Ensure the culture is aligned with your company's values and purpose.

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