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About Me

What is your background?

I'm Alexis Mercado-Canty, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and combat veteran located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I received my Master's degree from the University of Southern California in 2019. I have continuously worked in the social services and mental health field since 2016. I also work with businesses and business owners to increase mental health awareness in the workplace.

Why did you pursue a mental health career? 

Since grade school, I have spent a huge part of my life dedicated to public service organizations (Military, Volunteer work, School System, Foster Care). I am very dedicated in my professional life to the betterment of others. I have always assisted family and friends in reaching their goals and being that listening ear when they are unsure of where to turn. This has always brought me joy and satisfaction.

What do you specialize in?

As a clinical psychotherapist and life coach, I specialize in supporting others to hurdle obstacles, find motivation, and achieve their social and professional desires. Under my care, clients will receive solution-focused therapy, professional guidance, and counseling to reduce symptoms of anxiety, sadness, depression, anger, and other emotions that hinder them from reaching their goals.


I am well-versed in working with persons experiencing life transitions, racism & discrimination, marital and family issues, LGBTQ+ concerns, stress and anxiety, trauma, depression, military-connected matters, and much more. My ultimate goal is to assist my clients in boosting their confidence with the hopes of establishing effective objectives to reach life goals.


What can your clients expect from you?

Choosing someone to open up to and go on this mental health journey with is not easy. However, I do my best to streamline the process and address any concerns and expectations you may have in the initial consultation. I will meet you where you are, and we will build and execute a plan to get you where you want to be.

Let’s Work Together

Mailing Address:

6935 Aliante Pkwy, STE 104 #435

North Las Vegas, NV 89084

Phone: 702-849-3178

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